For Stella’s Harry Potter birthday we had several different activities that the kids loved. We painted wands, made skele-gro slime, and played Every Botts Flavor Bean game.


For the slime we used the borax and glue method (you can see an example here). I labeled the glue “troll snot” and the borax “ground unicorn horn” to make it extra fun. The girls were slime experts so thankfully I didn’t have to help much since I didn’t know how to make it. Just use your favorite slime recipe for this…or ask your favorite 9 year old and they probably know how to make it!

I purchased these little glass jars from Michaels craft store and made the little skele-gro labels you can download in my shop.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 10.05.29 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 10.05.36 AM.png

I printed and cut-out the labels. I then used clear packing tape to cover the label on both sides (you could just laminate it as well…but packing tape worked great). I then put the label on the jar. Some of the girls added glitter and color to their slime which also looked really cute.

Everyone was happy taking home their own jar of skele-gro!

These wands are soooo easy to make! And it is impressive how good and authentic they look with only a couple of thing and a little work. For Stella’s party we just set-out all the glued chopsticks and let everyone paint their own.


Here is how I painted these ones…

First take a set of wooden chopsticks and break them in two. Then get out your hot glue gun. Note: a low-temp glue gun works best for this because you need to work with the glue and you’ll be less likely to get burned.

IMG_1004 2.JPG

Hold the tip of the chopstick in one hand and the glue gun in another. Start by piling up glue on one end of the chopstick. Let it dry…twirling it around slowly helps. Once it seems set keep piling glue to make a knobby-looking end. You can also twist it while piling the glue on to make a spiral of glue around the chopstick. Keep playing around with it until it looks old and magical. Let it dry completely.

IMG_1005 2.JPG

Once the chopstick is completely dry, paint it dark brown (I used acrylic brown paint) and let that coat dry. Apply another coat of brown paint if necessary.

Now to give it a little more depth, use black paint to brush it lightly (don’t cover all the brown) and push it all down into the cracks and crevices.

Once it is all dry take gold acrylic paint and lightly brush the tops of the ridges lightly with gold. Keep playing around with it. You can always repaint it if needed and start all over! These are such a fun and inexpensive party favor.


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