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So many churros…so little time! On our most recent trip we tried several different types of churros. The classic (of course), the banana pudding churro served with a side of banana dipping sauce, the Oreo churro and the May the 4th Light Saber churros…in red and blue of course. I have to say I’d stick with the classic over any of the variations although it was so fun to try them all!


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On our most recent trip to Disneyland (May 2019) we ate at Cafe Orleans at Disneyland. I’ll tell you what to eat…and what to skip!

1- The seasonal charcuterie board was a yummy way to start the meal. I loved the fresh honeycomb and different cheeses. The cured meats cut in the shape of Mickey were a darling touch. This was good.

2- The starter salad (not pictured) was okay if you’re looking to get some greens in for the day. But isn’t a must-try by any means.

3- My friend Kellie grabbed the shrimp and grits (not pictured) and that was really good. She won with that dish!

4- The beignets are always good and a must with any visit. We had actually already enjoyed the BUTTERSCOTCH BEIGNETS at the Mint Julep counter earlier and do NOT miss those!

5- The special Chicken and Beignets were a pass for all. There were several problems with it. First, the chicken was thigh meat all kind of mixed together and fried. No one was a fan. Second, coleslaw on a beignet was weird. It just didn’t work. Skip this one for sure. Just enjoy your beignets as a dessert.

See below for menu details from May 2019.

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I made these years ago when I did Vaughn’s Winnie the Pooh first birthday party! They were a big hit and sooooo easy to make!

Simply skewer three jumbo marshmallows. Then buy a bag of orange candy melts (try to avoid ones that are flavored orange…yuck!) and follow melting directions. Dip them in the candy melts and place on parchment paper to let them dry. When the coating is dry drizzle with dark chocolate or black candy melts (I used black food coloring gel but it was gross!) Maybe I’ll try remaking these as a yummier version and see how they turn out!