MY Mission

My mission here at Things I Should Do is to help you get it all together. This means helping you get your financial, planning and home life ship-shape. Sound too impossible? It's not. We will take it a step at a time to get you right where you need to be. 

I have often had friends ask how I get organized or how I seem to always have the right things in place. Part of it (like most things) is how my brain works, and another part is putting some time and effort into making choices that help you get there. Not only is it totally possible...but I make it easy!

Start by downloading my “GUIDE TO ADULTING” where I will walk you through some of the first steps of really getting it together. I’ll also be sharing some other other great ideas to get your financial, and home life in order.

On my “GUIDE TO ADULTING” you’ll notice getting your Estate Planning documents is one of the foremost tasks. For 15 years my husband and I have run our online company Easy Legal Planning to provide quality estate planning documents for financial planners and their clients in all 50 states. We’ve seen first hand how things work when people don’t have any planning done. It isn’t pretty.

Creating a properly funded estate plan is a HUGE accomplishment, but one that can be done easily (I promise) and affordably. We will help!

I’ll also give you lots of other information relating to “adulting”. Like how to protect yourself and loved ones through planning and insurance, organizing your important documents and other great information that you need to know. Hang with me and before you know it you’ll be checking all the most important things off your list!